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TED’s official app presents talks from some of the world’s most fascinating people – from education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, music legends, and other remarkable minds. Find thousands of inspiring TED Talks: videos to feed your curiosity, explore innovative concepts and expand your world. Over 19M downloads to date and over 50M talks viewed every year.


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Take TED Talks anywhere you go – the TED iPhone, iPad, and Android apps are designed just for you. These apps allow you to search for a TED Talk, or listen to one in the background whether you are working or walking. You can browse and bookmark talks for later, which is synced across all of the devices you use.

TED Talks showcase amazing ideas from speakers covering subjects ranging from astrophysics to dance. The mobile and tablet experience is optimized for small screens. Not going to have wifi on the plane? No problem, browse for TED Talks ahead of time and download them to your device to watch later. Not sure what to watch? Use the “Inspire Me” section to lead you to something incredible.

The TED app has been featured by Apple in Apple television commercials and ads, globally. It has been featured as a top app in the App Store and is currently used by over 10 million users.

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A New Platform for TED Talks

TED talks made available for the first time in an iPad app.

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