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Take a walking tour of London landmarks while earning and sharing badges on your phone.

Arup in London

Arup in London iOS and Android Apps

Ever walk past a building and wonder what is inside? Wonder what it took to build?

Designed to accompany the Victoria and Albert exhibit Engineering the World: Ove Arup and the Philosophy of Total Design (2016), Arup in London encourages you to explore while discovering Arup’s contributions to the city skyline. Arup in London is the walking tour of London showing you buildings of interest and walking routes based on where you are.

See parts of London you may have missed, while learning about what it takes to shape a city. The app uses geolocation and routing, allowing you to see your distance walked. You will get badges for each Arup location you visit – collect them all.

See more information about each building, allowing you to view initial plans, design sketches, blueprints, wireframes, and construction photos. This is a fantastic app to use to discover London.

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Arup in London
Arup in London

  • Arup Group

  • DATE
  • 2016

  • San Francisco, CA
    London, England

  • TAGS
  • Exhibition, Social media, Walking, Mobile, Photography, Collaboration, Architecture

  • Designer – Brian C Wilson
    Product Development & Strategy – Kendall Nishimine
    Executive Producer – George Orbelien
    Client Liaison – Mark Pearsall
    Developer – Daniel Carvalho Costa


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