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Explore the most impactful trends shaping the future of our urbanized planet.

Drivers of Change

drivers of change

"Drivers of Change puts the power to visualize future living – and the factors shaping the future – in the hands of educators, industry professionals, and the public." Arup

drivers of change iOS and Android Apps

Explore the most impactful trends shaping the future of our urbanized planet. Discover what is driving change around our world. Engage with a tool that is used around the world to help anticipate global challenges in order to shape a better world.

This unique platform presents the most impactful trends, innovations and system interactions determining our collective future. The diverse issues probe themes from climate change and urbanisation to energy, food, water and beyond; all examined through the five STEEP lenses: Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, and Political.

Constantly updated and informed by Arup’s international network, the Drivers of Change app will engage you with science, engineering, innovation, data, insights, and activities:

  • Discover the global trends that are affecting the future of the planet and the local trends influencing your community
  • Stay informed about the issues affecting our built and natural environments
  • Explore supporting media including images, infographics, illustrations and audio
  • Curate your own collection of featured ideas and innovations
  • Share and discuss with your social networks
  • Satisfy your curiosity with links to additional content and sources of trusted authorities

The Drivers of Change app is informed by a very rigorous process of interviews, research and workshop analysis alongside input from Arup’s global network and broad spectrum of experts. The content is curated into ten topics: energy, demographics, poverty, oceans, water, waste, food, climate change, urbanisation and convergence.

The Drivers of Change app’s touchscreen experience allows its use in Arup’s offices, in conferences, in exhibits, and on-the-go. Ojingo Labs built the CMS that drives the app, and keeps the content easily updatable. We also designed and built the engaging interactive apps that are available on iOS and Android which now used in university curriculums.

Wherever you are in the world, start exploring the trends that are driving all of our futures.

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  • Arup Group

  • DATE
  • Feb 2015

  • San Francisco, CA

  • TAGS
  • Exhibition, Social media, Storytelling, Mobile, Photography, Collaboration

  • Designer – Brian C Wilson
    Product Development & Strategy – Kendall Nishimine
    Executive Producer – George Orbelien
    App Developer – Joshua Stephenson
    Client Liaison – Mark Pearsall


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