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TJ Marbois has been involved in creative & technology based projects for over 20 years as an artist, engineer and entrepreneur – using both hemispheres to help empower the projects he works on.

From pure creative as a conceptual artist at Walt Disney films to pure engineering as one of the members of Apple Computer’s iPod Team.

His work connects the worlds of technology, entertainment and creativity – from audio engineering, 3D visual effects for film and TV, mobile software development, games, UI design and social networks, to creative endeavors such as composing original music for video games and commercials, developing characters and stories for episodic cartoon series, working on an independent film and even inventing toys and games for Hasbro.

As an entrepreneur, he is the core founding member of Ojingo Labs a creative technology laboratory focused on innovating new forms of digital entertainment in a modern mobile world – whose partners and customers range from Warner Music, Live Nation, TED, Tour de France, Google, to Hasbro and others.

A founding member of iTurner Networks, he helped take the world of internet broadcasting global by bringing the first eastern European radio stations online into the USA at a time when listening to a stream of audio over a 56k modem was cutting edge – to eventually taking online million of listeners per month with customized hardware solutions.

Always seeking innovative projects and people to work with – always seeking ways to add value and create something good with others. Always learning.


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