Chris Fure


"The best ideas are obvious when first heard.” Chris Fure

Chris is a creative Business Developer who has pioneered several risk offset structures, including net-interest-margin accounts (self-liquidating debt) for tech and media investments, user-driven descending-discount pricing for crypto-tokens, technology-piracy prevention through multi-party joint-ventures where domestic courts tend to ignore foreign claims, cross-platform revenue-engines for shared promotion and production assets, among others.

Chris enjoys an MBA in Finance from NYIT and a BA in Political Economics from UC Berkeley. He’s equally adept writing white-papers, patents, screenplays, and music. In his spare time, he plays Ultimate Frisbee and enjoys evangelizing “Pull Theory” for Universe Acceleration through his 2012 Principia Award winning Wine Country Film Festival submission “Saraya’s Universe,” which he wrote and directed.


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